The Halloween theme is currently in full swing at Etsy; and this favorite online shopping destination which showcases the wares of freelance artisans, is bursting with adorable, eco-friendly Halloween goodies to scoop up for your tots. Now is the perfect time to look for a wonderful handmade ‘treat,’ or ‘trick’ if you’re so inclined.

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I love these 3 Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Fence Recolored Crayons from TALKTAGZ’s shop. Talk about cute, spooky fun! These beautiful Halloween recolored crayons are made from broken crayon pieces. Grab some recycled paper and your kids can look forward to some eco-coloring fun. Recolored crayons would also make a wonderful Halloween ‘treat.’ Place one crayon in a tiny baggie (or wrap in recycled paper) and drop it into treat buckets. They even come with a nice little snap-tight case.

$5 from Etsy >

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Dress your little one up like a pumpkin this Halloween with an orange outfit, and top him off with this adorable organic pumpkin hat. Hand knit to whatever size you want, this charming 100% organic cotton knit cap is sure to be a hit with kids of all sizes. They even come in adult sizes if you want to go there…

$25 from Ecoknits on Etsy >

Etsy is also featuring fresh, organic baby clothing, perfect for upcoming Halloween celebrations.

If you don’t want to dress your baby in a Halloween costume, but you still want that festive fall look to celebrate the occasion, check out the Freshly Fallen Organic Onesie from ben and lucy boutique’s shop. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hipper tree on a baby onesie. And how precious are the falling leaves? This onesie is 100% organic cotton and 100% original.

For little ones with spookiness up their sleeves, Teedious offers the perfect form of organic self-expression:

When I grow up I want to be a ZOMBIE Halloween baby onesie –  in organic cotton and perfect for that subtle Halloween baby costume. Or try something scarier, like the Don’t scare me, I poop easily –  Halloween baby onesie, also in organic cotton. Teedious offers their funny Halloween onesies in a variety of fresh colors as well.

$15 from Teedious on Etsy >

If you just love Halloween so much that a costume or a Halloweeny onesie isn’t enough, and you want to get your baby’s cloth diapers in on the action as well, there are even ‘green’ Halloween-themed diapers available. Your little pumpkin can truly be covered from top to bottom in Halloween gear. Here are two options we spotted on Etsy: October Orange cloth diapers and Jack Skellington diapers. You gotta REALLY love Halloween to take it this far.

$26 – October Orange Cloth Diapers

$24 – Jack Skellington Cloth Diapers

Last up, if you’re looking for a no fuss organic baby Halloween topper, try this handmade Organic Knotted Hat in apricot. This hat will keep the chills away long after Halloween is over.

These knotted hats, available at Handmade Naturals’s shop, are made with soft interlock fabric and natural organic cotton thread. They’re dyed with low-impact, water-based dyes. Fabrics are pre-washed in unscented chlorine/phosphate-free laundry detergent, and comfortably fit babies from newborn up to 6 months. While the orange is adorably appropriate for Halloween, this hat is also available in lime.

See all the Halloween goods at Etsy.