Recent testing of fur-trimmed infant and children’s clothing revealed unsafe levels of harmful chemicals that could lead to allergies, cancer, and hormonal imbalances. Dutch animal rights organization Bont voor Dieren called for the testing, which was conducted by a German independent research laboratory, Bremer Umweltinstitut. The clothing—sold by several brands including Canada Goose, Nickelson, Airforce, and Woolrich—was found to exceed EU standards for formaldehyde and ethoxylates. The chemicals are most likely leftover from the processes used to prepare furs for the clothing industry, like tanning, preservation, cleaning, and dyeing, and this isn’t the first time that fur-trimmed clothing has been found to hold unsafe levels of chemicals. It’s unknown at this time whether the clothing companies named in the testing results will respond to the findings. But, this discovery does beg the question: why are kids wearing animal skins in the first place?

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