Make a beeline to the backyard and let the good times roll! Literally. A fun game of dice just became a bit more family-friendly thanks to inventor Jeremy Exley who put an outdoor spin on a classic tradition. Exley’s Snake Eyes Yard Dice are palm-sized three and a half inch cubes made perfect for tossing and throwing around outdoors. Handcrafted using solid wood and branded pips, the Minnesota-made dice are perfect to carry along to picnics, barbecues, concerts and outdoor birthday parties.

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Each set includes six dice packaged in a drawstring jute bag and directions for playing up to 10 games that include: Greedy, Whamee, Balut, Pig and Bunco. Games can be played with as many as six people and as little as two. We’re intrigued by this outdoor game that takes tabletop engagement into an interactive activity that gets the family off the couch.

+ Yard Dice $49.50

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