What if you could teach your child about the perils of animal extinction one cartoon at a time? An ambitious group of notable creative producers are looking to do just that with a cast furry animals turned superheroes in a new animated series called The Flopalongs. Cute and fuzzy they may appear, the ambitious bunch are not your average run-of-the-mill, spandex wearing, crime fighters. Each member is an endangered species that possesses their own distinct set of superpowers (which they inherited via a meteorite), that they’ll wield to rise up against the series’ loathed antagonist Gerg—an industrialist opportunist whose business interests include exploiting the animals’ natural habitats to capitalize on the oil and minerals he trades on the market. Sound familiar? Click on to learn more about this project and how you can lend your support.

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Image via Flopalongs Karolinafund Page

The Flopalongs series was originally conceived by John Robert Greene who has worked previously with Merv Griffin, the Coca Cola Company, Procter and Gamble and Revlon. Green Toys LLC has taken Green’s vision and teamed up with project lead Þröstur Bragason, a 3-D artist and action-movie enthusiast in Iceland who will produce a short film to introduce The Flopalongs to the world.

On explaining the inspiration behind the animated series, the team writes:  “We believe that The Flopalongs will be a success with today’s kids. The animals are kind-hearted and the message is that we should all do our best to live in harmony, without the preaching tone. The cartoons will not just be a passive activity where the kids are spoon-fed pretty images, but educational and also encourage kids to find out more about the animals after the show has finished. With the amount of information available to us, literally at our fingertips, the Flopalongs will be a fascinating gateway into an exciting world of education and entertainment (sometimes referred to as ‘Edutainment’).”

Support the making of The Flopalongs first short film by donating to the project at the Karolina Fund.

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