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Herbal Animals are fun to shop for because all of the critters boast fantastically clever names like Luseal Ball, Camelia Earheart, Mary Tiger Moore, and Elizabeth Bearette Browning, among the eye pillows, and cheeky monikers like Sylvester Stallion, and Harry Elephante in the neck pillow collection. Aside from being able to select the critter that resonates with you the most based on name, colors and appearance, you can also shop for the perfect pal according to the following scents: lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, echinacea, orange, mugwort, lemon balm, passion flower, hops, rose, sweet annie, and lindenflower. Every herb is part of the Herbal Animals family based on its ability to relieve tension, calm and soothe nerves, relieve anxiety and insomnia, lift spirits, and provide an overall sense of serenity and well-being.

An Herbal Animal’s scent typically lasts about one year, and they can be warmed up in the microwave — but bear in mind that doing so diminishes their scent and makes the herbs lose their potency — so microwaving is not recommended. Freezing the critters (in a sealable bag) does not affect their herbal potency, however, and they can be used to reduce puffy eyes, relieve headache pain, or treat bumps and bruises when cold. If your little one likes dressing up her stuffed animals, you can also purchase a super soft 100% organic cotton nightie for your child’s eye pillow to snuggle up in before bedtime.

Note that Herbal Animals cannot be machine washed, just spot-cleaned, and they are recommended for children ages 4 and up, as well as for adults! As an added bonus, your purchase helps the folks at Herbal Animals continue to donate to organizations including Feed the Children, The Humane Society, and Save the Children to help children and animals lead happier lives.

+ Herbal Animals Eye Pillow Critters $17

+ Herbal Animals Neck Pillow Critters $39.50

+ Pillow Nighties $4.50-$8.50

+ Herbal Animals

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