Keeping track of your kids is a 24/7 job in today’s increasingly complex society. To help parents monitor where their kids are at all times hereO is debuting a new GPS watch, and they’re calling it the world’s smallest real-time connected tracking device. The hereO GPS watch created specifically for children three years and up, miniaturizes tracking technology, puts it in a trendy kids watch, and appeals to all parents who simply want a little more peace of mind.

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The hereO GPS watch comes in bright colors and designs. The watch is water resistant and it’s half the size of other wearable devices on the market, so it’s suitable specifically for kids. The face on the watch features an electronic paper display clock to make the battery last even longer — from a minimum of 24 hours and up to 72 hours. Meanwhile, the tracking portion of the hereO is powered by cellar triangulation provided by Wyless. It works by triangulating GSM and GPRS signals just like your smartphone.

While the watch sends out location-based pings, you can check the free hereO Family app on iOS and Android to see where your kids are, as can anyone else also using the smartphone app. It allows users to view their family’s whereabouts and receive directions to get to them. There are also options to view where each family member has been before and create virtual fences if their kids happen to wander too far from home, school, or work. The app can also be set to ping users when a specific family member arrives to their home or another set location.

The app is currently in beta testing and is expected to arrive for iOS devices in April — and then Android as well as a HTML5 browser version will follow in June. The hereO GPS watch, meanwhile, is up for pre-order now and will ship the first orders in July. For as little as $99 parents can pick up the children’s GPS watch with an early bird special which includes six months of service.

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