The Addams Family may not be on your kid’s radar, but you likely grew up loving reruns of the show or the cult classic, star-studded movie adaptations. Although the kooky and quirky family members and their staff are among the most memorable parts of the show, the Gothic-style family mansion was basically another character in and of itself. Mysterious, immense, and foreboding, yet filled with irresistible details including a greenhouse with carniverous plants and torture devices, the Addams Family House was a thrill for us to behold. A LEGO enthusiast named Hugh Scandrett decided to pay homage to this cool family pad by making his own LEGO version without any instructions or templates. Scandrett used images of the home from the TV show as an inspiration and then built the three-story structure using 7,200 LEGO pieces. Among his crafty ideas was to create the house so that it can be separated into two halves, making it the ultimate in spooky dollhouse play. After obtaining the requisite support of 10,000 fans in order to get LEGO to consider it, the design is currently under review. If all goes well, the set will go into production, and you and your tots will find yourselves humming that addictive theme song while setting up the mansion for Gomez, Morticia, and company.

+ Addams Family House on LEGO Ideas

via Mental Floss