Chicago based bicycle brand Heritage is proud of the fact that their bikes are completely crafted in the Windy City. While that is impressive, we’re won over by the way they transformed recycled milk jugs into a sturdy and functional balance bike that comes in an irresistible rainbow of cheery colors. The Bennett Balance Bike, which is perfect for kids ages 2-6ish, is the ideal way to easily and stylishly transition from trike to bike. We’re sure every kid around would be thrilled to get their little hands on the bike’s wooden handlebar and take their new ride out for a spin around the block. Using their feet instead of pedals gives tots a chance to work on their balance while feeling safe and grounded. While they might not be interested in the bike’s carefully curated design elements, you’ll likely appreciate how the cut-out frame of the bike was influenced by Chicago’s bridges and the fact that the low, adjustable seat was made with rounded corners to add a level of comfort for young riders. The clean lines and classic colors make this balance bike an attractive mashup between timeless style and modern, practical form. With less likelihood of spills and skinned knees and more probability of helping kids achieve balance and gain confidence, the Bennett is an awesome in-between and green option for mini cyclists.

+ Bennett Balance Bike $270.00