We know that glass is the best, purest material for baby bottles, but the breakage factor can still be unnerving when tots get to that inevitable stage where they love throwing everything. So we breathed an intrigued sigh of relief when we spotted the unique design of Hevea Planet’s glass baby bottle that features a removable natural rubber cover that bounces off the ground if dropped. The bottle is comprised of thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass, and the natural rubber star ball cover (which doubles as a toy when it’s not encasing the bottle) both helps baby easily grip the bottle while also preventing breakage. Both the glass and the natural rubber nipple are 100% BPA-free, phthalate-free & PVC free, and Hevea asserts that the rubber nipple is softer than silicone and highly resistant to teething and bites. Available in three colors of screw cap: pink, blue or white, this bottle would make a great multipurpose baby gift.

+ Hevea Glass Bottle with Natural Rubber Cover $30

+ Hevea Planet