The water barrel can hold up to 90 liters of water at one time (about five times what is typically carried in a single bucket), allowing for less frequent trips to an available water source or enabling younger or weaker people to roll along their needed supply of water. Having access to water is one issue in Africa and Asia; having access to water that is actually safe for consumption is another. Hippo Water Rollers feature a simple filtering system. Water enters through a large utility cap opening, then immediately goes through an attached filter. Farmers can even irrigate their fields using the Hippo Water Roller through a specially designed drip irrigation cap.

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Aside from the cap, Hippo Water Rollers are made from one piece of plastic, which means that there aren’t a bunch of parts that function separately (or that can fall off or become dislodged easily). As the plastic is thick and durable, it can be used on rough terrain and rocky ground. Kids can take turns pushing or dragging the roller — unlike with the heavy, precariously perched open buckets of water, they can also transfer the load back and forth without worry of losing a drop of precious water or incurring any head or neck issues.

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Hippo Water Rollers began over 25 years ago, and these simple, utilitarian water carrying solutions have been used in more than 20 countries. For the 750 million people in Asia and Africa that struggle with access to water, Hippo Water Rollers are a beneficial way to get an essential resource, but they also may have an equally important ripple effect: women and children can focus on school, food production, household tasks, and other activities for which there had previously been no time. With estimates that women and children spend 140 million hours collecting fresh water every day, the need for this ingenious yet user-friendly invention has never been greater.

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