The struggle for the ultimate holiday outfit is over, courtesy of a cotton dress that kids will clamor to color. With festive designs including candy canes, snowmen, a gingerbread house, and Christmas trees to decorate, this dress will get worn approximately 100 times between now and the end of the holidays — and your little one will be so proud to be her own dress designer. The dress is available in sizes 2T to 8, and it would be an awesome semi-matching option for siblings. Each child can color it in however she pleases so there’s plenty of opportunities for big kids to exert their independence and display their personal style. Along with being machine-washable and made in the USA, the dress comes with a set of six markers, making it a great pre-holiday art activity. If your toddler is going to just make (completely age-appropriate) streaks of color and scribbles on the dress without regard for the designs, maybe let her color in the back and have an older sibling or a parent take on the front. With a price tag of almost $100, you likely will want people to actually see the cute designs, plus it will give you an excuse to shake off the holiday stress and indulge in your favorite kiddie pastime. Just make sure you give your older child PLENTY of time to finish coloring her creation. After all, nothing says “holiday cheer” like a preschooler wailing and refusing to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s until every single inch of the dress is colored like a rainbow.

+ Tons of Fun Color-In Dress $98.00

via Cool Mom Picks