What may seem to be the simplest of gestures, such as a parent bathing their baby, giving an infant massage, diaper changing… has such a profound impact on the development of that baby. Quality time and skin-to-skin contact are essential for your baby. Epicuren Baby skincare incorporates a patented Episencial aromatherapy blend into their products to maximize the bonding experience with your newborn and establish a healthy skincare routine as they grow. As babies explore and come into contact with more bacteria and viruses, it is important for them to safely develop and maintain good hygiene without dosing their hands and still fragile bodies in harsh chemicals (a.k.a common cleaning agents on the supermarket shelves).

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Epicuren Baby uses a unique Baby Skin Stages™ system which recognizes the differences between an infant’s skin and a five year old’s skin. Their products are categorized and created with these stages in mind.

Epicuren Baby product packaging uses paper manufactured from recycled and Forest Stewardship Certified resources. The plastic used is food-grade, non-leaching and does not contain residues of dioxins, phthalates or other xenoestrogens. The company even encourages the re-use of the packaging whenever possible. The products themselves are manufactured in a solar powered plant and are made using botanical, sustainably farmed and certified organic ingredients.

Epicuren Baby products are available from a variety of boutiques, on-line stores and in spas.

+Epicuren Baby $12.75-$59.00