I want a kraamverzorgster, and so should you. This amazing nurse is a common part of Dutch post-natal health services. This trained health worker, who sounds like a hybrid of your best friend and your mother in their most helpful and informed mode, comes to your house to weigh the baby, keeps a log of how things are going, and stays in contact with the midwives who helped deliver the baby. She helps with breastfeeding and is knowledgeable and full of resources. But that’s not all these postpartum fairy godmothers do…

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These nurses also help mom get back on her feet by letting her stay off of them for eight days for up to 49 hours. Kraamverzorgsters prepare simple meals and snacks multiple times a day, do laundry and clean, and take on some shopping responsibilities. Additionally, they check on new mothers to make sure they are healing well physically. If moms are single or had difficulties during birth, or if there are additional children in the house, these nurses continue coming for additional visits. Although it sounds like a posh post-natal experience fit for those in top income brackets, this service is for all Dutch women at minimal cost beyond health insurance.

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Just let all this sink in for a second. Can you imagine what your experience would be like as a new mother if you knew you didn’t have to worry about all the little details that pile up and keep you from being able to just rest and soak in the incredible new creature that just came into your lives? Many women in Holland have home births, and those who do give birth in hospitals are often released a few hours after the baby is born. The kraamverzorgster is just another part of what Holland does to normalize the birth experience as a part of life, and to help in the creation of a comfortable family routine and lifestyle.

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