For any family that is ‘on the go’ as much as mine is these days, it is great to come across pack away toys that are both imaginative in concept and eco-friendly. Home on the Go is a cute little campervan that your wee ones can tote along, no matter how far from the nest you opt to venture. Cleverly designed as a 13 block set that allows for 1300 ways to arrange the pieces, this versatile and colorful play kit has no limits in terms of getting some very good mileage out of imaginative play.

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Crafted out of solid German alder wood and colored with non-toxic water-based dyes, Home on the Go also includes two small felt blanket/trug/bed/landing strips as well as a large felt carry-all for neat and cushioned transport. The entire campervan set measures 8” x 6” x 3” when closed (dolls not included). Comes in ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ color schemes. This is green adventure touring at its best!

+ Home on the Go retails for $68 from ROMP