Fresh, organic homemade baby food is, undoubtedly, the best way to nourish your growing little one.  However, it is not always possible to make your own baby food due to travel, the busy modern-parent schedule (i.e. the lack of a single spare moment in the day), or possibly no access to the necessary food-prep equipment. HomemadeBaby offers delicious and fresh organic baby food that your wee one will gobble right up, all the while helping you to feel that you did your best in providing the best alternative to puréed homemade and loving nourishment.

Jarred baby food, even the organic kind, is surprisingly not always made with the freshest of produce! It is often the overripened, on the verge of spoiling produce that is used to make baby food!

HomemadeBaby‘s offerings are bursting with true flavor and the texture is divinely smooth.  The company has a fantastic ‘meal integrity system’ that allows you to track down the origin of every ingredient in every tub of food.  By calling a 1-800 number and using the production code on the bottom of each container, you can learn on which grove your apples were harvested, when they were picked, and when they were made into baby food. 

HomemadeBaby is kosher, organic, and gluten-free.  Even the tub, which is made of polypropylene, is a safer plastic! Simply the next best thing to puréeing it up yourself!

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