Parents are constantly being bombarded by packaged meal conveniences and easy, on-the-go ways to feed their children by the powers that be in the baby food industry. The past year has seen an absolute boom in baby food being housed in disposable pouches as opposed to glass jars — enabling moms and dads to squeeze food into their wee ones without the need for a spoon. While we’re happy about the fact that these BPA-free pouches, now being offered by a variety of companies, are making organic fruits and veggies readily available to babies and toddlers, we can’t deny the waste factor of the packaging. (To date, most pouches are not recyclable, only their plastic lids are). Enter the antidote: the Beaba Babypote. Made of easily squeezable silicone, and featuring a large neck for easy filling and cleaning, this handy reusable pouch will contain your homemade purees and other slurpable treats such as apple sauce, so baby can keep up the squeezy fun without you having to shell out for expensive over the counter pouches that pollute the earth.

 + Beaba Babypote $15