What you will need:

– 1 organic pound cake
– 1 bag organic white chocolate chips
– organic pretzel sticks
– white chocolate or peppermint chocolate kisses
– yellow sprinkles
– organic blue food colorant

Step 1: Slice

Cut the pound cake into 6 equal slices, removing the brown outer crust.

Step 2: Dice

Cut the rectangles into 12 smaller rectangles of equal size.

Step 3: Frost

Cover each rectangle with melted white chocolate chip “frosting,” then add a white chocolate or peppermint kiss to the tip. Dip pretzels into white chocolate and let set.

Step 4: Freeze

Carefully insert chocolate covered pretzels into the top of each dreidel for the handle. Place on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for a couple of minutes until firm.

Step 5: Decorate & Enjoy

Once firm, remove from freezer, trim off excess outer chocolate with a knife. Add blue food colorant to the rest of the white chocolate and decorate the outside of the dreidel with the hebrew words nes gadol haya sham, which means a great miracle happened there. Then, serve these fun dreidel with a side of chocolate ice cream (gelt) or small homemade macaroons.

Does your family have a favorite Hanukkah dessert?