While some of the baby sleep positions drawn by How to Be a Dad such as “The Neck Scarf” aren’t so common – most of you probably haven’t woken up to find your baby lying across your face after all? But you’ll likely find others to be all too familiar. “Snow Angels” for example, might remind you of your uber active baby flailing his arms and legs, causing you and your partner to hug the edges of the bed. Or, the dreaded H. How to Be a Dad co-founder Andy says, it was one of the first ideas he and other co-founder Charlie bounced around even before the site was launched. “The H position seems to be ingrained into parents. Into our lower backs and stomachs at least,” he says.

Of course, we’re not sharing these humorous graphics to discourage co-sleeping. If you need help overcoming any co-sleeping hurdles, we have tips to help you. But if you have any funny baby sleep positions of your own, please share them in the comments below.