Supplies needed for greenhouse garden

What You Will Need

I made our greenhouse out of a spinach container and 3 toilet paper rolls. We found local and organic seeds which are a variety of non-GMO fruits and veggies. We also used organic potting soil, but I think next year I will just use dirt mixed with compost from our own garden.

Cut for greenhouse

Step 1: Cut Toilet Paper Rolls

It takes 3 toilet paper rolls per greenhouse to make 12 dividers. You will want to cut your toilet paper rolls into thirds and then lay them in the container.

Dirt in paper rolls

Step 2: Fill Dividers

Fill the dividers with dirt. You also want to make sure to fill the other spaces with dirt so your greenhouse will stay wet the first several weeks.

Seeds for greenhouse

Step 3: Plant Seeds

Read the instructions from your seed packets before you plant your seeds and plant accordingly. In one of our greenhouses, I planted Sow True Sweet Corn. We only put 1 seed per divider about an inch deep. In the other greenhouse, we planted an organic Gourmet Lettuce Blend we got with a Lullaby Organics purchase. We put several seeds in each divider and will pick the weakest ones out and transplant the strong.

watering the greenhouse seeds

Step 4: Water Seeds

Saturate the dirt and seeds throughout the greenhouse. Over the next several weeks make sure you keep the seeds wet.

greenhouse looks like prepared

Step 5: Label Your Containers

This is how your greenhouse should look before putting the lid on. We also wrote on the side of the containers which seeds are in each container.

greenhouse with lids

Step 6: Choose a Spot for Your Greenhouse

You can choose to keep your greenhouse outside or inside under lights. But be sure to bring it inside at night if the temperature will drop below freezing. The lid will allow the seeds to stay moist and grow faster. Once your seeds have sprouted above the dividers, you can keep the lid off.
Seedlings in Stonyfield Cups

Try Yogurt Cups

Don’t have enough spinach containers? Save up your yogurt cups. I also started several seedlings in yogurt cups. If you try this method, make sure to drill holes in the bottom so they can drain properly.

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