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Handprint Art Supplies

  • eco non-toxic paint
  • recycled paper
  • paintbrush

handprint art, handprint, paint hand

Handprint Art Tricks

To get the best handprints, paint a thick layer of paint on the hand you are going to use. Do not stick hand in paint. Make sure the paint you are using isn’t too watered down. The thicker, the better.

handprint crab, handprint art, crab, crab art

Handprint Crab

Paint your child’s hand and fingers red, but be sure to skip the thumb. Position the page vertically and make a handprint. Repaint the same hand and skip the thumb. Turn the page around so the first handprint fingers are towards your child. Then lay the hand down and make the other side of the crab. Once dry, paint the eyes. You can get even more creative by using sand, multiple crabs, or even paint a beach!

handprint art, fish aquarium, handprint fish

Handprint Fish Aquarium

First paint the fish aquarium blue and let it dry. Then paint your child’s hand the color that they would like the fish to be. Turn the picture so that the aquarium is sideways and have your child place their hand down. Then you can paint the aquarium’s decor or even glue rocks to the bottom. Once the fish is dry, add its eyes.

handprint art, footprint art, lobster, handprint lobster

Hand/footprint Lobster

If you have a older child, be sure to use a extra large piece of paper so you can fit the foot and hands! My daughter is 5 and this was cutting it close. Paint both of your child’s hands red. Place both hands parallel to one another on the paper. Let the painting dry. Then paint your child’s foot red and place on the paper beneath the handprints. Ideally, you want at least 3 inches of space between the foot and hands. Then paint 2 red lines connecting the handprint to the footprint. After the footprint is dry, paint the antenna and abdomen.

handprint art, flower, handprint flower

Handprint Flower

This would be a great project to keep doing every year to see how much your child’s hand has grown! Paint your child’s hand the color you want the flower. Place on the paper. Then paint the stem. If you have multiple children, you can add more hand flowers or even add mom or dads!

handprint art, peacock, handprint peacock

Handprint Peacocks

This was a more difficult handprint art picture, but my daughter loved making  the peacocks. Paint your child’s hand blue and then place on the paper. Then paint your child’s hand green and place over the same handprint. Continue placing their hand creating the feathers after repainting the hand. Then paint the body, legs, beak, and eyes.