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1. Gather your materials.

  • Flowers (real or fake, as many as you need. I recommend buying several different varieties and plenty of them since this craft can be addictive)
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire (I used 22 gauge)
  • Pliers or floral scissors or very strong scissors

flower garland, craft, how-to, flower crown

2. Measure head size and wrap wire.

Using the floral wire, carefully measure your child’s head. You want the garland to fit snugly but not so that it squeezes her head. Since you want the garland to be sturdy, measure out three times the length of her head with the wire and then cut. Tightly wrap the wire around itself (so you should have three “rows” of wire). Connect the ends to complete the circle. You will be covering the sharp ends with floral tape, but take care while they are exposed.

floral garland, flower crown, spring craft, flower craft

3. Place flowers, starting with the front center, and attach with floral tape.

Using the pliers or wire cutters, cut the flowers that you would like to use. I like to start placing the flowers at the farthest distance away from where I connected the circle. You can have all the flowers go in one direction or you can use that beginning point as a place for the flowers to face each other. Attach the flowers to the wire garland base with the floral tape, making sure to wrap up any exposed ends. The floral tape is slightly tacky so you can just wrap it around itself and then press to seal and stick together.

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4. Continue adding flowers or bunches around the garland.

Continue adding individual flower stems around the garland. Another method for a fuller-looking garland is to make little bunches of flowers and attach them together with the floral tape. Then you can attach the bunches to the garland base with more floral tape. Whichever method you choose, try and keep the flowers close together for a more natural look.

how-to, floral garland, flower crown, spring craft

5. Cover the rest of the exposed wire and add any additional flowers.

Wrap any exposed wire areas with the floral tape, taking special care to make sure the ends of the flowers (where you cut them off to attach to the garland) are well-wrapped and smooth. Fill in any spots with more flowers until you (or your little one) is happy!

garland, how-to, homemade garland, spring garden

6. Don your garlands for tea parties, garden parties, or dress-up times.

Have a blast! Encourage gentle handling with the garland and re-wrap any exposed wire as needed with floral tape.