green crafts, recycled bag garland

What You Need

Compile everything you will need beforehand and the project will go quickly. Look through your stash for baby gift bags, sturdy wrapping paper, even baby cards (only ones that you are not sentimentally attached to!). You will also need scissors, a hole punch, some tape, and some twine or old ribbons (I save all my old ribbons too!).

crafts, recycled bag garland

Cut Up the Bags

Cut the bags/paper/etc into the garland pieces. I went with a traditional triangle shape, but pretty much any shape will work. The simpler the better! I made enough pieces so that I could alternate bigger pieces with letters and plain, smaller pieces.

green crafts, recycled bag garland


Create Letters for a Message

Cut out the letters for the message on the garland. I used “oh, baby”, but “welcome, baby” or the baby’s name or something more geared to the mother-to-be (like “hot mama”) would be fun too. The garland itself is festive enough that a phrase or message isn’t even needed. The garland could then be used as decoration in the nursery (or saved for another shower or party).

green crafts, recycled bag garland



Glue the letters onto the shapes. Let dry completely.

green crafts, recycled bag garland

String the Garland

Punch two holes in the upper corners of your shapes to string the garland. String each piece using the twine or ribbon. If you want to prevent the pieces from piling on top of each other, tie a knot between each piece as a barrier.

green crafts, recycled bag garland


Show it Off

Hang up the garland. Attach each end with tape or by tying the twine or ribbon around two small nails. Have a fun party! Re-use or gift the garland after the festivities are over!