father's day card, parenting, green holiday ideas for kids, kid crafts

1. Gather the materials.

  • Photo of your husband/partner/boyfriend/etc.
  • Various types of paper for decorating, such as construction paper or origami paper
  • Paper to mount the photos on (I recommend a heavier paper such as cardstock) and for a cover for the book
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String or binder rings for attaching the book

father's day ideas, crafts, kid-friendly, diy

2. Print out copies of your featured photo and cut out Dad’s head.

Make copies of your chosen photo. Our photo book contained 7 pages and a cover, so we made eight copies. Carefully cut out Dad’s head.

father's day card, how-to, diy, father's day

3. Interview your child(ren).

With the help of your kid(s), brainstorm all of the different hats that Dad wears. Then have your kids comment on each of his roles. For example, my husband is a doctor so my kids mentioned how they like to visit him when he is on call at the hospital and get take-out Chinese food. For the entertainer/court jester hat, they talked about the games they like to play with him.

father's day, dad's day, green holiday ideas for kids, crafts

4. Design and assemble the pages.

Draw or cut out the hats that Dad wears as well as the accessories that go along with him (ie: paper, books and pencils if he is a teacher or a hat or shirt from a specific team if he is a sports enthusiast). If your child is older or loves to draw, let him create Dad’s hat and background. You can also cut out things (like a briefcase or snorkeling gear) from a magazine to decorate the photo. I printed out the kids’ blurbs and pasted them on decorative paper for a fun background. You (or your kids) can also write out the answers. Glue on various pieces.

father's day, father's day gifts, diy crafts, kid friendly

5. Make into a book.

Once the pieces and pages are dry, punch holes and attach them with string or binder rings. Prepare for a big laugh from the man of your house. Happy Father’s Day!