recycled cardboard bird feeder, eco play, green family, how-to

1. Gather the materials

  • Bird seed
  • Twine
  • Cardboard cut into whatever shape you would like and punched with a hole for hanging (You can also do this craft with toilet paper rolls)
  • Peanut butter (*We eat organic peanut butter, but for this project we bought the cheapest at the store figuring the health benefits for the birds were minimal!)

bird feeder, cardboard bird feeder, craft, how-to

2. Set up the pan of bird seed

Pour bird seed into a shallow pan of your choice; you can use a cake pan or even the pans used for painting.

diy kids crafts, easy crafts, green family, nature

3. Knot the twine

Thread some twine through the punched hole and tie into a knot for hanging the bird feeder from a tree branch. If you are using toilet paper rolls, you can skip this step and simply hang the finished feeder by sticking the roll onto a branch.

how-to, cardboard bird feeder, recycled crafts, eco kids

4. Spread the peanut butter

Spread the peanut butter on both sides of your shapes.

cardboard bird feeder, craft, diy kids crafts, green family

5. Dip the shapes in the Bird Seed

Dip both sides of the shapes into the bird seed. To make this slightly less messy for younger kids, you may want to spread peanut butter on one side and then dip that side, then spread the other side with peanut butter and dip that side.

bird feeders, kid friendly, eco kids, green family

6. Hang the bird feeders in a tree

Find a tree in your backyard or neighborhood and hang the feeders from its branches (preferably high enough that dogs passing by can’t reach it). Revel in the new bird friends who come to visit and enjoy their snack!