diy christmas crackers, how to, recycled crafts, green family

1. Gather your materials.

  • Toilet paper roll tubes
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon, string, twine, or other material for tying
  • Trinkets, candy, or any stuffer you choose

Some other popular items to stuff crackers have included folded paper crowns, jokes, and love notes or holiday wishes.

diy christmas cracker, craft, how to, green holiday ideas for kids

2. Fold the wrapping paper.

Fold a standard piece of wrapping paper in half with the folded end closest to you. Place a toilet paper roll tube at that same end in the bottom center of the wrapping paper.

Christmas cracker, green holiday ideas for kids, craft, DIY

3. Stuff your cracker.

I think it’s easiest to stuff your cracker at this point. You can also stuff it after you have rolled up the toilet paper roll tube and have tied one side. If you have small pieces (like coins or candy), you can also stuff a few pieces of tissue paper into the ends of the tube to keep everything from flying out when the crackers are opened.

Christmas crackers, DIY, how-to, green family

4. Roll up your cracker.

Starting with the folded end closest to you, roll wrapping paper around the tube and continue rolling tube until you reach the end of the wrapping paper. You can add a piece of tape to secure the wrapping paper if you’d like, but it’s not necessary since you’ll be tying up the ends anyway.

Christmas crackers, DIY, kids entertainment, craft

5. Twist and tie.

Gently twist the tissue paper close to the tube and, using string or ribbon or whatever you’d like, tie off one end of the cracker. Repeat with the other side. Tying close to the toilet paper roll tube keeps the tension better for pulling the cracker apart.

Christmas crackers, DIY, craft, green holiday ideas for kids

6. Pull!

Enjoy and happy holidays!

DIY Christmas crackers, green family, craft, green holiday ideas for kids

 7. Or make a Christmas cracker game.

Another quick and fun idea is to fill the crackers with part of a story. Around the dinner table or after opening presents, family members can take turns opening the crackers and using the prompts to create a holiday tale!