Craft supplies for pepper clover imprints

What You Will Need

  • 1-2 peppers cut off at the bottom
  • green paint
  • paint brush
  • paper
  • crayons and markers are optional

Clover imprint from pepper

Paint and Stamp the Peppers

Paint the ends of the peppers and gently press down on the paper. Hold for 5 seconds before lifting

Add a stem to the clover

Add a Stem

You can add stems with a pen

Clover painting

Paint in the Clover

Or paint the inside of the clover to give it a clean look
clover stamp

Make a Themed Work of Art

For the more advanced artist, you can make a themed picture following these easy steps! Stamp however many clovers you’d like to use on the craft paper.
Painted clovers with stems

Paint Your Clovers

Paint the clovers in and give them stems.
Pepper clover art finished with rainbow

Color Your Finished St. Patrick’s Day Art

After the paint has dried, draw a rainbow, leprechaun, pot of gold, or whatever St. Patrick’s Day fun you have in mind! Post on the wall and share with your family.