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1. Gather your materials

  • several pieces of felt (preferably recycled eco-felt)
  • needle
  • thread (I like the thickness of embroidery thread)
  • buttons, ribbons, sequins, beads, and any other desired adornments
  • stocking outline (optional)

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2. Choose your colors and adornments.

Pick two pieces of felt for your stocking color(s). They can be the same color or contrasting (just make sure you cut them to be the same size!). Using a stocking shape outline or freehand, cut out a stocking. Make it large enough and wide enough to hold the desired amount of goodies inside. Repeat with the second piece of felt. Also, choose any buttons, sequins, or other adornments for the stocking decoration.

kids crafts, diy kids crafts, how to, kid friendly

3. Create any additional designs.

This is a great place to get little ones (even those who are too young to sew) involved in the stocking design. Let them decide if they want their name or initials or if they want shapes such as hearts, stars, or religious symbols. Then cut them out of the felt.

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4. Sew on any adornments and designs.

Choose the color of felt that you want to be the “main” side of the stocking that faces towards everyone. You can obviously make designs on both sides, but I wanted to keep this first-sewing project simple! Sew or hot glue any adornments, designs, or borders onto this side.

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5. Sew the two pieces of stocking together.

Lay the decorated piece of felt on top of the second piece of felt (decorated side facing out), and sew the two pieces together along the border, using your preferred stitch. I like to use a whipstitch. Don’t forget to leave the opening at the top to stick goodies inside! If you are going to actually hang the stocking, you can use an upside down u-shape of felt or ribbon and sew it onto the back of the bottom piece of felt. Be careful not to load the stockings too much or the felt “hanger” will potentially tear.

christmas stockings, stockings, how-to, kid friendly

6. Decorate your mantel!

Hang the stocking on your mantel, pack it in your suitcase to hang at your holiday travel destination, or give it away as a holiday party goody bag. Happy Holidays!