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What You Need for Recycled 3D Art

  • Drawings that your child won’t mind cutting up
  • Scissors
  • Glue

recycled art, 3D art, step 1 3D art, paper strips

Step 1: Cut into Strips

First let your child choose which drawings are okay to cut. Then cut art into strips of paper in different lengths and widths.

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Step 2: Make 3D Flowers

Take a strip and roll tightly until the end then let unravel into a swirl.

recycled 3d art, 3d art, step 3 3d art, stem

Step 3: Paste Stem onto Paper

Paste a paper strip onto a piece of paper. We used the back of a drawing.

recycled 3d art, 3d art, 3d flower

Step 4: Paste onto Paper

Paste the flowers onto the stem. Make sure to use lots of paste in the center and hold down onto the page for at least 10 seconds.

recycled art, 3d art, recycled 3d art, recycled sun

Step 5: Make a 3D Sun

Take a strip of paper and fold down. Then fold the opposite way. Continue until you reach the end.

recycled art, recycled 3d art, 3d art, 3d birds

Step 6: Make Birds

Cut a strip in quarters. Then fold over to create a bird. Repeat.

recycled 3d art, recycled art, 3d art, paste down 3d art

Step 7: Paste Down Sun and Birds

Use the glue to paste down the sun and the birds. Make sure to hold down for at least 10 seconds. Let the paste dry for 30-45 minutes before hanging. Don’t want to make a scene with a tree, sun and birds? You don’t have to! Use your imagination to turn paper into other 3D art objects.