Flash cards are to toddlers what an Internet searchbar is to adults: a vital gateway and endless opportunity to learn new things. One of the best physical teaching tools a parent can use to educate their child, flash cards teach knowledge hungry young minds how to recognize and correlate objects from the everyday (egg) to the sensational (dinosaur). They foster reading, spelling and language skills, and toddlers love playing with them given their short attention spans and desire to learn on the fly. For all these reasons, we love this DIY tutorial for how to make your own wooden photo flash cards for your kids. Read on to learn more about these clever brain builders!

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These sturdy flash cards designed by Jackie Kersh of Avocado & Papaya feature colorful, eye-popping images, and may be easily tailored to teach your tot about anything that captivates his/her interest. Whether you highlight household items “chair,” “shoes,” family members “Daddy,” “Grandma,” or special memories from a vacation, “ocean,” “forest,” these flash cards have endless potential. Another ingenious attribute of their inherent design is that they also double as building blocks, so your kids may inadvertently learn to read and spell while looking at the words during unstructured playtime. Click here to read the step by step tutorial on making these heirloom quality wooden photo flash cards.

+ Flash Card Tutorial from Avocado & Papaya via Ohdeedoh

Photos by Jackie Kersh