Felt play food tops of list of favorite eco-friendly toys for kids. And so many Esty crafters and toy makers have mastered the felt food craft — Sweetie Pie Bakery, Lilly Bean, The Fakery Bakery, Felt Playground. But for moms with a sewing machine, there has to be an easy way to DIY a whole farmer’s market of felt food, right? We were so excited to stumble across Made’s felt food tutorial for pumpkin pie, grapes, drumsticks, broccoli, dishes and cutlery. Read on to find out how to make your own faux treats for your kid’s play kitchen or a pretend picnic.

All you need to get started is eco felt in colors to match the food you want to make, stuffing, sew-on Velcro, embroidery thread and a sewing machine. First, you’ll make the patterns. Made’s tutorial suggests creating your own patterns using coasters for plates for example, or drawing forks free-hand. When “fake baking” the pumpkin pie, it’s all about layering the felt — the crust, then the filling, then the whipped cream topping. And the grapes are a brilliant pull-apart bunch designed so kids can pretend to take a handful at a time. The drumsticks and broccoli get stuffed for a 3D effect. All-in-all with a little creativity and some basic sewing skills, you can craft a pretty amazing array of edibles! Visit Made for the full how-to instructions on making this “dinner for two.”

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