ice treasure chest, craft, treasure chest

Step 1: Find Objects

Go throughout your house and find little objects for your child’s treasure chest. Be sure to find objects that will float and sink to make the dig more fun. Also, be sure to use objects that cannot mold, rust, or shatter. We used items like Legos, Green Toys food items, Easter eggs, pebbles, shells, coins, and plastic jewelry. Other ideas are Silly Bands or rubber bands, rubber toys, balls, bottle caps, plastic blocks, foam pieces, and water toys.

ice treasure chest, treasure chest, summer activity

Step 2: Fill Chest with Water

Find a sealed plastic tub or container- any size will work. I personally wouldn’t use glass since your child will be using a screw driver and hammer. After you fill the tub with water, talk to your child about each object and have them guess if it will sink or float. Then test out their theory by placing in the water.

ice treasure chest, treasure chest, summer activity

Step 3: Freeze

After you have conducted your science experiment, place the treasure chest in the freezer. Freeze for at least 8 hours so it is solid. Then place outside (in the sun or hot weather) for 5 minutes for it to slightly defrost.

ice treasure chest, treasure chest, summer activity

Step 4: Excavate the Treasure

Using a child friendly hammer and flat head screw driver, start making holes in the ice. The ice will begin to crack, so keep going around the objects until your child can lift out the ice. They can either let the ice melt around the object or keep using the screw driver and hammer until it is free. Since ice chips can fly, this activity is better to do outside.