Inspired by Montessori color tablets, Merrilee of Mer Mag decided to create a set of gradient blocks and we love the results! They’re a gorgeous and fun way to teach your kids about colors, tones, gradation, linear ordering and so much more. Keep reading to learn how she made this neat blocks.

Get started with 9 natural wooden blocks, about 1 1/2-inch in size. Then choose 6 colors to work with. You’ll create 8 lighter hues from each of those colors by adding white paint in different amounts. Start with your first color and mix up the various hues before you start painting to make sure you’re satisfied with the progression of tones. You’ll paint one side of each block with your first set of colors, wait for it to dry and then flip all the blocks and start with a new color until all 6 sides are covered.

Merrilee says she loves how Montessori toys are both beautiful and educational and her take on the color tablet concept really delivers on those two principals. Head on over to Handmade Charlotte for the full how-to instructions.

+ DIY Wooden Gradient Blocks

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