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Is Your Child Ready?

Before you start buying portable potties, training pants, or anything else, make sure your child is ready. If your child shows interest in the toilet or in wearing underwear, can understand directions, can let you know she needs to use the potty, can pull her pants up and down herself, can sit down and get up from the potty, then she may be ready. Do not force it. If your tot isn’t ready, try again at a later date.

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The Right Kind of Training Pants

One of the most important factors in potty training is getting the right training pants. For the day time, you want to have reusable training pants, that resemble underwear, and that aren’t fully protected so your child can feel whether they are wet or not. You can go straight to underwear too. If you are going out of the house or during the night, you’ll want a training pant that won’t leak, but still feels like underwear so your child doesn’t get confused. Skip disposable training pants — they are too similar to diapers!

Allow your child to help pick out his training pants or underwear and allow him to choose which pair he wants to wear at each change. He will feel more independent by making his own choices, which will make him feel like a big kid.

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Finding the Right Potty

If you choose to purchase a portable potty, skip the bells and whistles. Toilets are for going to the bathroom and that is it. They shouldn’t be played with! There are several potties that have a toilet paper roll, which teaches the child proper bathroom behavior. Other than that, go for a simple design.

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Potty Train Outside

For the first day, try the bare-bottomed approach outside. This will allow your child to become better aware of his body and controlling the urge. But, don’t spend too much time bare-bottomed! They will need to learn how to control the urge once their underwear or trainers are on.

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Hold a Potty Party to Celebrate Success!

Throw a potty party on the big day when your child successfully uses the potty several times in one day. Bake cupcakes and decorate the house or do whatever will make the day special to your tot. Have your child’s dolls join the party and make a huge deal about putting on big girl/boy pants. You can even invite relatives or friends over to celebrate. Also, gift any training materials like training pants, potties, and stools once you are certain your child is finished potty training.

Additional Potty Training Tips

  • Let your child run around in a onesie or T-shirt with her training pants on for the first 2 weeks. This way they she less clothing to remove when rushing to the potty.
  • Have your child teach one of his dolls or stuffed animals how to use the potty. As you are teaching them, have them role play what you’ve said to their doll.
  • Allow your child to go to the bathroom with you. They learn the most by example.
  • Instead of giving out candy or stickers, be your child’s cheerleader every time he uses the potty. And be sure not to get upset or angry about accidents.