Step 1: Gather Supplies

Send your kids on a hunt for stray alphabet blocks and ask them to gather a few that they would like to turn into Christmas ornaments. While they’re searching through the toy bins and under the bed, you’ll need to gather glue, glitter, yarn, a knitting needle and a drill.

Step 2: Drill Holes

Start with the parent-only task of drilling holes in each block. Use a power drill to create a small hole through one corner of each block as shown above. Then using a knitting needle (if you have an older child they can do this part), thread yarn through the block’s hole. Cut the yarn at a length long enough to hang it on a tree branch and then knot the two ends together.

Step 3: Prepare for Sparkles

Let your child line one side of each block with glue, simply add glue to the block in any pattern she likes.

Step 4: Glitter!

Then sprinkle glitter onto the gluey portions or pat each block, glue side down, into a plate of glitter. Repeat, adding glue and then glitter to each side of each block. Keep on going until you’ve created enough ABC block ornaments for your tree.

Step 5: Hang Your Blocks

Hang the sparkling recycled ABC block Christmas ornaments on your tree and enjoy! You’ll especially appreciate these keepsakes as your children grow older and most of their other toys and blocks have been passed on to other children.