Now that Santa has come and gone, and your kids have torn into their gifts and are delighting in their toys, it’s time to reuse and recycle all of that wrapping paper and packaging! You’ve read our post, The Wrap-Up on Wrapping Paper, and here are several more ways to recycle and reuse wrapping paper to help keep the earth… and your conscience clean!

Here are some resources to get you all the info you need with regard to recycling wrapping paper, and some very creative uses for reusing wrapping paper:

Origami anyone? Check out these 10 Ways to Recycle Christmas Wrapping Paper.

Recycle Now gives the lowdown on how to recycle wrapping paper.

Still feeling crafty? Make this inventive ornament suggested at Kaboose for next year’s tree, with your used wrapping paper and holiday cards.

Get the facts and stats behind holiday recycling and find out exactly how, why, and what you can and should recycle, as well as ways to go even ‘greener’ in your wrapping endeavors for your next celebration.