Hugh Hayden, an architect, furniture designer, and Dallas transplant now residing in Brooklyn, has only one desire: to put the ‘fun’ back in functional with his FUNature collection of chairs and tables. An Inhabitat darling who recently earned the ‘Most Innovative Use of Materials’ award at the BKLYN Designs show (May 8th – 10th, 2009), Hayden took a few moments from exhibiting his whimsical structures to give us some background into his fuzzy, day glow Tennis Ball Chairs. (Watch the video above).

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The bulk of the pieces on exhibit called to mind the gumballs of my childhood past… for good reason. The very same sweets Hayden offered as treats to his booth visitors were used in the making of his scale models. “I never had to visit the dentist once,” said an obviously disciplined Hayden, “but my roommates had a hard time staying away from them.” The Tennis Ball Chairs, made from discarded balls reclaimed at indoor tennis clubs, are currently being offered for sale at Williamsburg’s The Future Perfect store, along with his plastic offerings… and Hayden has plans of expanding the line to include larger pieces. “Someone asked me to design a couch,” he said smiling. “That’s in the future.”

(Watch the video above to learn more).

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