There’s an overwhelming amount of furniture on the market that is geared mostly toward adult use. Hugh Hayden’s Tennis Ball Chair is not one of those pieces. Strong enough to bear the weight of adult bodies (a fact we tested and confirmed at this year’s Bklyn Designs show), the chair, made from (duh) repurposed tennis balls, is the kind of playful piece any kid will appreciate. It’s bright, engaging, and super comfortable. Plus, it bounces and jiggles without losing its shape (something adults and children both need).


A designer and architect, Hayden designed the Tennis Ball Chair as part of his larger FUNature collection, which also contains tables and chairs reminiscent of Chuck E Cheese–style ball pools. Each piece in the line is low-impact and sustainable–and surprisingly supportive. The balls are arranged in patent-pending tension-matrix, meaning the furniture is flexible and adjusts to the user’s body while also maintaining sufficient support and stability (perfect for children whose bodies are still growing and forming).

Hayden’s Tennis Ball Chair is not only a conversation starter, it’s also a superb example of how sustainable design can be fun and functional. Plus, we can’t imagine anything more likely to keep high-energy kids firmly planted in their seats.

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