We previously reported that a young boy’s mother was forced by a Florida judge to consent to her son’s circumcision against her will. Public outcry in defense of the boy, four year-old Chase, strengthened today, as news leaked that he has been scheduled for a circumcision this Thursday, the result of a months-long court battle between his parents. The court case ended on May 22 when Chase’s mother, Heather Hironimus, was required to sign the forms while handcuffed in court in order to obtain her freedom and be reunited with her son. Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, located in Hollywood, Florida is the facility in question, and hundreds of people have voiced their concern via comments on the hospital’s Facebook page. The hospital responded late last evening with a statement claiming it has been “an advocate for many causes, always working for the benefit of its patients while providing quality service and care.” The majority of concerned commenters are calling for the hospital administration and the doctor assigned to the surgery, Dr. Gary Birken, to reject the signed consent, obtained from Hironimus under duress. A public protest at the hospital is being organized for Thursday morning and it is unknown at this time whether the medical staff is considering the option to reject the consent.

Image via Heather Hironimus/Facebook