Say “giddyup” to a camel and you’ll probably draw a blank stare. The magic phrase, according to Kalon Studios, is “hut-hut,” which also happens to be the name of its abstract interpretation of the rocking horse (or should that be rocking camel?). Would-be camel riders will only have to wait a tick before they can get their mitts on a Hut-Hut of their own. Both the sleek child-size rocker and its grownup counterpart will make their debut in Milan this week during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile.

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Crafted entirely from solid wood, the rocking-stool will be made-to-order domestically in the United States in Forestry Stewardship Council-certified Spanish cedar, walnut, cork, maple, or bamboo.

The engraved star pattern is the product of the five-axis computed-numerically controlled (CNC) machine that Kalon enlisted to create the Hut-Hut. Instead of resurfacing the rocker to hide the machining marks, Kalon decided to make them a decorative feature.

The company’s decision did more than give the Hut-Hut its distinctive and ultramodern lines: The truncated process also reduces machining time by 75%.

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