It may be a while before hydrogen cars are a common sight on the freeway, but the development of sophisticated hydrogen technology is in full swing, and you can see it in action with the tiny H-Racer toy car. The H-Racer, by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is the 21st century update on the retro remote-controlled car, but it requires no batteries.

According to Horizon, the H-Racer is a miniature replica of the human-scale cars now being developed for a fossil fuel-free future. The car, which fits into the palm of your hand, contains a small hydrogen storage tank and a fuel cell system that connects to the car’s electric motor. It comes with a refueling station that demonstrates the way a real hydrogen car would restore its power source. Water is the only substance required to create the car’s fuel, and the only substance that comes out as emissions as the car runs.

The H-Racer is clearly an engaging, well-designed approach to teaching kids and adults alike about the possibilities of clean, renewable energy technology. Who knows, your little one might grow up to develop the next generation of future-friendly transport.

+ Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies