Despite some kids’ obsession with everything transportation, big car companies seldom take into account the penchants of children. Hyundai recently attempted to bridge the gap to their next generation of customers with a contest to create the cars of the future. After collecting over 7,300 designs from kids, 15 children and their designs were chosen to work with engineers to turn their dream vehicles into functional, driveable cars (albeit at half-scale). The creations are just as fun, colorful, and imaginative as you would expect.

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The cars were presented as part of the 1st Korea Brilliant Kids Motor Show, and the kid-designers had an opportunity to explain their creative designs as well as to host the event. Seeing the transformation from 2D drawing to actual car with the help of 25 of Hyundai’s designers and engineers is amusing and inspiring and a great example of how children’s minds are an endless source of ideas and energy. From a car sprouting flowers that literally looks like it is made of vividly colored petals to a car designed to look like an anglerfish to light the way through the ocean, to a car that can drive sideways to avoid city traffic, the cars showcase that kids are tapped into issues facing drivers today as well as those that may occur in the future. Many of the cars incorporate green elements into their design, such as solar-power. They will be on exhibition until April 2017.

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