First things first, Candy is a designer, Nick is a writer and editor, and together they are the creators of the Pecanpals and Jibibuts ranges of toys. They are also parents who want to inspire children everywhere. Active in the world of publishing, they believe “Magazines are able to do something that books can’t do: they can blur the boundaries of fiction and nonfiction. A well-designed magazine manipulates text, imagery and typography to produce work that is easy to read, entertaining and current.” However, it appears that until now that has only been so for high-quality magazines for adults.

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With I Am Goody, the couple are planning an engaging experience for children, with a magazine filled with beautiful artworks, stimulating editorial pieces on topics such as environmental issues and diverse cultures, and inspirational interviews with people truly making a difference in the world. Guest artists, custom-made puzzles, music, and arts and crafts will round out the 100% original content. The premise of the magazine is simple, yet curiously uncommon: “A quarterly magazine for boys and girls about good ideas, good stories and good people minus ads, gender stereotypes and visual chaos.”

I Am Goody’s Kickstarter campaign has just launched, with pledge rewards including copies of the first edition, as well as prints and original artworks by Candy. Shipping will be available worldwide, with delivery of the first edition to arrive in time for Christmas 2015. Click on through to Kickstarter to read more about this inspirational project and help it get off the ground.

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