After featuring honorable American citizens including Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Amelia Earhart, the newest addition to Brad Meltzer’s “Ordinary People Change the World” book series features a changemaker beloved around the world: ecologist, primatologist, and conservation activist Jane Goodall. As with all of these kid-friendly and entertaining books, the hero’s pre-fame life is the focus. Presenting an amazing and influential scientist like Goodall as a young girl makes her approachable and inspiring. Meltzer offers sweet insights into Goodall’s early years, with anecdotes about how her interest in farm animals later resulted in a lifelong love affair with Africa and its animals. The book also includes a timeline of important events in Goodall’s life. Goodall has made too many waves to count in the world of science and primatology, but she was once a kid with a dream, and I Am Jane Goodall is a lovely book for encouraging little ones to dream big and then figure out how to achieve those dreams. If you simply can’t get enough of Jane Goodall, get this book too!

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