Here’s a gift to bestow on a child this holiday season that will last him a lifetime: the knowledge of how to live sustainably. The Idbids Eco-Friendly Starter Kit is filled with fun tools which teach children to be environmentally aware, and ten doable “iddy biddy” steps he can take to keep the planet green. Led by a 100% organic Egyptian cotton plush toy bursting at the seams with personality: a cloud named Scout, a flower named Lola, or a water drop named Waverly, playtime meets getting down to business making the world a better place with this award winning kit.

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Children are armed with earth saving powers as they take the Idbid of their choice (Scout gives kids the lowdown on air pollution, Lola covers trees and plants, and Waverly gives them the drift on water from oceans to streams), on a journey via the colorful, photographic storybook contained in the kit. Printed on recycled paper with eco-friendly ink, (as are all materials in the kit), this book teaches kids how they can make a difference in the health of the planet. The Idbids Field Guide features ten iddy biddy doable steps to being ‘green,’ and a certificate of completion is issued via an online reward program once a child finishes all ten steps. Paper doll cutouts and a playland insert, as well as an organic cotton backpack to tote around kit components and their new Idbid friend, round out the kit. Here’s to kids thinking it truly is easy being green…

+ Idbids Eco-Friendly Starter Kit $39.99