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While no one can deny the popularity of the LEGO building block, it certainly has its limitations. Try making a dome with the square and rectangular shaped bricks and you’ll come up short. IKOS is a geometric shape that can be interconnected with other parts. Join 20 IKOS parts together and you can make a sphere. Pieces can also be connected vertically to take the project to new heights. The patent pending design can be used to build a variety of fun and creative things, like animals, bowls, organizers, lamps and more. The exterior can also be painted with a pattern to create a 3D puzzle.

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IKOS was started originally by Mike Wong, a Park City, Utah-based industrial designer and engineer, who originally began working with the geometric shape as a way to create water storage and shelter systems. Wanting to introduce the concept to the world at large, Wong enlisted the help of three local high school students from the Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies (PCCAPS) program. The three students, Mina, Gates and Paige have worked with Wong to create the modular building block. They have found a local manufacturer and sourced recycled milk jugs (HDPE) to produce their toy.

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Now the team is seeking funding to jumpstart their company and begin producing the toys on a larger scale. By pledging $22 to the IKOS Kickstarter Campaign, you will receive 40 IKOS pieces that can be used to build 2 spheres or a variety of other objects. Additional levels of funding will get you even more pieces with which to make your crazy creations. Your support for this campaign will also help three high school students gain even more real world experience about bringing a product to market – plus you’ll get a really cool toy to play with.

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