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Each of Levitan’s Photo Invasions fuse the real world with the artist’s campy cartoon mind. As if pulling from a comic strip, Levitan’s characters pose along with the actual people featured in the photos, bringing the artist’s imagination to life. Once a drawing is “invaded,” Levitan reposts it on Instagram, giving credit to the original photographer of course.

Through Levitan’s eyes, our ordinary pictures become the setting for some truly fantastical scenes. An iced over freezer becomes an ice fishing scene, with Levitan’s character using an old fish stick for bait. His characters snuggle up with images of animals, squeezing a squirrel for a selfie, or commandeering a city pigeon into a robotic pet. A mustachioed character plays a prank on his human counterpart, while another of Levitan’s characters poses before a group of photographers in an art gallery.

All of Levitan’s Photo Invasions are fueled with his uninhibited imagination that looks at the world with a playful eye. His creative conglomerations can be viewed on his Instagram account, and can be used for inspiration for making your own photo invasions at home!

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via Bored Panda