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Hendricks’ collaboration with her daughter started innocently one day, as the child curiously asked her mother if she could draw in her new sketchbook. Apprehensive at first, Hendricks reluctantly handed over her special book, figuring that the lesson of sharing was reason enough to let her daughter scrawl in the new sketchpad. Having drawn just a woman’s face, Hendricks’ daughter immediately set to work creating a body. Rather than a human body, her daughter creatively sketched a dinosaur’s torso and legs (as seen in the lead image of this post, on the right hand side). Hendricks was beyond pleased.

The pair begin sketching together every day. Hendricks’ daughter asks, “Do you have any heads for me today?,” which the artist prepares every night for the next morning’s work session. After her daughter adds her flair, Hendricks then finishes off the collaborative pieces, strengthening lines and coloring in the sketches.

The unplanned collaboration has not only created a wonderful body of work for art lovers to enjoy, it has also forged an unmatchable bond and partnership between Hendricks and her daughter.

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Images © Mica Angela Hendricks

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