Photographer and illustrator Mitch Boyer has moved around to many different cities and schools since he was a kid, a trend that continued even when an adorable dachshund named Vivian graced his adult life. Boyer and his wiener dog are now happily settled in Brooklyn, but he knows that moving house is always difficult, especially for kids, and his new humorous and sweet Kickstarter book Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn was created to help kids adjust to their new life and surroundings. Vivian expects to love moving to New York City, but, as a giant wiener dog, she has trouble fitting in initially, a struggle that the millions of kids who move every year can understand. Kids will also understand the desire to go back to the comforts of their old home, which is what Vivian sets out to do. We’re intrigued by how Boyer and Vivian will wrap up this adorable book as well as how they actually created it. Spoiler: Vivian is NOT actually 6 feet-tall, but is rather cute with a huge personality! Most of the photo magic happens through computer tricks and visual effects, and Boyer is currently raising funds to print the book and to cast a canine companion to help show Vivian the ropes in Brooklyn. Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn is now completely funded, but you’ll get a price cut (and some perks such as a custom giant pet portrait) if you get in on the Kickstarter action. We probably had you at the words “giant dachshund,” didn’t we?

+ Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn on Kickstarter