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Along with being a welcome deviation from obsolete pastel-colored baby clothes, Inchworm Alley’s designs truly run the gamut and have something for every occasion. Want to help a new baby get in good with his big brother? Have him sport a onesie covered with LEGO heads when he comes home from the hospital. For baby’s trip to the museum, she can get dressed up in a Picasso or Mondrian onesie or a onesie with prints inspired by the work of Canadian artists. We love that so many are inspired by nature, including the desert sunset, Aurora Borealis, and ice kingdom.

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Additionally, Inchworm Alley’s onesies, (which are sized to fit newborns to one year) are all gender neutral, which means easy and awesome hand-me-downs. The onesies come in a variety of styles (including tank, short sleeve, long sleeve, and romper-style) and feature minimal snaps for baby’s comfort and for ease in dressing and undressing.

Inchworm Alley, eco kids clothing, kids clothing, green clothing

Inchworm Alley’s onesies are extremely vividly colored. Your little one actually looks like he is covered in coffee beans or a juicy little pea in a pod. So it’s awesome that the onesies (or “baby cocoons” as Inchworm Alley has dubbed them) are all printed using eco-friendly, low-impact, non-toxic dyes that are organic and fibre-reactive for maximum visual impact while being less taxing on the planet. But the green business practices at this company go much deeper: RV Designs treats its water onsite for use, follows zero-waste principles to reduce fabric waste, and supports supply chain transparency to confirm that every step in their process follows a high standard. RV Designs is proud to support a sweatshop-free and child labor-free work environment that offers living wages to its workers.

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