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We love that the couch is named “Inclusion couch” and that the designer wanted to create something that was for everyone, not specifically targeted for kids or for parents. Even if you only use the sleek yet approachable couch as a place to sit, the piece is still a fun color focal point for a room (and has enough crawl room underneath the base to serve as a great kiddie hiding space). But then again, you and your little ones would be missing out on all the fun if you don’t give some other orientations a try.

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Families can use the couch “arms” as mini kid sofas, for a semi-soft climbing apparatus, as mountains for small figures to climb, or even as obstacles people have to navigate around while on a three-wheeler (On that note, please tell us we’re not the only ones who have kids who practice their wheel skills indoors). The mattress is squishy and buoyant enough that it can double as a gentle jumping space, preferably while placed on the floor. The plywood base can be set at an angle that would be perfect as a pirate ship plank, a seesaw, or a slide. The sofa is also long enough to serve as a functional guest bed.

We’ll all be wishing we had this indoor playground-like couch when it’s too cold to go out soon enough. Reber created the couch as his graduation project from Auckland’s Unitec Design Institute. We hope he and other designers keep challenging the boundaries of fun and functional and creating products geared toward all ages.

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